Salt Covenant is one of the strongest and most reliable covenant a believer needs.  Its efficacy are numerous.  Plan to attend with your household.  The annual event sets in motion atmosphere for supernatural wonders in all sides.  Over the years, we have always recorded dumbfounding and amazing testimonies on this event.  Aged-long ailments and afflictions are destroyed.  Unusual doors are opened and victories on various degrees of battles are won.


2016 Dew of Heaven is no exception. The dew of the program incubates your entire life and destiny for glorious manifestations all through the year.  Come and be empowered. Come and enjoy the wonder grace that the Lord has bestowed on this ministry through the Salt Covenant.  Books on the subject exist to further enlighten and broaden your understanding.

Don’t miss this year’s meeting, which is an all-night event. Come with your own salt, anointing oil and water.  It is going to be an all-round empowerment to fulfill this year’s mandate of STEPPING OUT TO STEP IN.

See you there.